This policy indemnifies the university against losses arising on University property such as buildings and their contents from the:

a)      destruction or damage by fire,

b)     explosive bush fire,

c)     riot/strikes, malicious damage,

d)     earthquake, wind, hail, rain flood,

e)     overflowing of guttering and pipes bursting of water tanks and pipes air craft impact and subterranean fire,

The buildings and contents covered include:-

a)      Main Campus

b)     Lower Kabete & Upper Kabete Campus

c)     Chiromo and Parklands Campus

d)     Kikuyu Campus

e)     Kenyatta Medical and Dental School

f)      Tigoni

g)     Lamu

h)     Malindi, Mombassa, Kabwezi, and  Kakamega extra Mural Centre.

i)      Nakuru extra Mural

j)      Nyeri extra Mural Centre

k)     Mombassa extra Mural Centre

l)      Kenya Science Campus

m)   Kisumu Campus

n)     Mombasa Campus

In case of destruction/damage of the above listed buildings and their contents, please report to the Finance Officer, University of Nairobi within 24hrs. 

The report should contain:-

a)     A detailed statement of the accident

b)     A police abstract on the same