BUCT and UoN partner in research and exchange programmes.
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Thu, 2017-05-11 08:13
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Finance Department

Prof. Isaac Mbeche,Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC), Student Affairs and DVC, Administration and Finance ag, Prof. Wang Fang, the Chairperson, University Affairs Council, BUCT sign the partnership agreement.


The areas of cooperation will focus on student and staff exchanges, staff development and research collaboration.

The two universities will encourage and promote collaborative research activities between their staff and students in order to promote the generation of knowledge and development of the institutions and their respective societies.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC), Student Affairs and acting DVC, Administration and Finance, Prof. Isaac Mbeche, said that programmes and linkages provide avenues through which academic members of staff and students can further their research activities.

“Through partnerships, we can jointly source for funds in order to promote research activities, institutional capacity building and exchange of publications and journals,” he said. The collaboration will mainly benefit students and staff in the College of Architecture and Engineering (CAE) and College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS).

Prof. Wang Fang, the Chairperson, University Affairs Council, BUCT, gave a detailed presentation of the university, citing its strengths in engineering and physical sciences.

“Through this collaboration, we hope to mutually benefit from each other’s strengths. The partnership agreement states that BUCT will offer opportunities to nominated staff and students from UoN to obtain formal qualifications in the full-time mode at Doctoral levels. The specific terms and conditions will be agreed upon,” she said.

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