I am pleased to present the Annual Report and Accounts of the University of Nairobi for the
financial year ended 30th June, 2001.
Since the financial year 1990191 the University of Nairobi has been operating on deficits. This is
mainly as a result of insufficient funding by the Government. The adverse financial position
notwithstanding, the University continued with its mission of teaching and research.
However the University instituted effective internal control measures on expenditure as well as
intensifying income generating activities. Some of these measures included freezing of recruitment,
termination of house leases and retrenchment of staff, which took place in March 2001.
During the year under review the University incurred a deficit ofKshs.139,639,817 compared~
Kshs.245,521, 102 for the year 1999/2000, increasing cumulative deficit to Kshs. 1,510,833,948 as
at 30th June 200t. The cumulative defi~it for the year 1999/2000 was Kshs.1,361,494,825.
The University was able to complete a number of stalled projects and purchase of three buses using
internally generated funds. Some of the projects include, the Parklands Campus Lecture theatre and
Library, access road at Kikuyu Campus, two millennium Lecture theatres at College of Biological
and Physical Sciences and one lecture theatre at the College of Health Sciences.
A successful graduation ceremony for those who completed their studies in 2000/200 I academic
year was presided over by His Excellency the President of Kenya and Chancellor of the University
on 26th November 2001. A total of 3,434 graduands including 555 graduates were conferred with
degrees and diplomas.

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