It gives me much pleasure in presenting the Annual Report and Accounts of the University of Nairobi for the
year ended 30th June 2002.
As in the previous year the university of Nairobi operated on a deficit. This is as a result of insufficient funding
by the government. The adverse financial position notwithstanding, the University continued with its mission of
teaching and research culminating in its 30th graduation ceremony presided over by His Excellency the
President of Kenya and Chancellor of the University on 4th November, 2002 at which 3,227 graduands and 548
graduates were conferred with degrees and diplomas.
During the year under review, the University incurred a deficit of Kshs.202, 193, 163 compared to Kshs 139,639,817
for the year 2000/2001 increasing the cumulative deficit to Kshs 1,713,027,111 as at 30th June 2002. The
cumulative deficit for the year 2000/2001 was Kshs. 1,510,833,948.
It will be noted that since 1998/99 with supplementary funding from internally generated resources, the annual
deficit has been decreasing. But during the year 2001/2002 arising from implementation of the new housing
    policy the deficit has assumed an upward trend.     .
Donor agencies and other governments continued to support the University of Nairobi financially. These
included, the Rockfeller Foundation, Sasakawa Foundation of Japan, Belgium Government, Mellinda and Bill
Gates Foundation, among others.
In this year the University enteredinto a number of collaborative arrangements, coordinated through its centre
of International Programmes.This is evidenced by the collaboration with the Belgium Flemish Universities
under the auspices of Flemish lnter-University Council involving University of Nairobi, Free University of Brus-
" sels, Ghent University and University of Antwerp.
The other major collaborative projects included; pastoral information network programme which covers the
entire IGAD region, this is supported by the government of Sweden through SIDA and SAREC.
In the local front, the University had also collaborative arrangements with some institutions, which included;
Kenya College of Communications Technology, National Defence College, and Communications Commission
of Kenya.
On behalf of the University, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the government and our donors for financial
support during the year. .
Finally, I wish to thank all our staff and students for their hard work and patience for the continued smooth
operations of the University's programmes.

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