It gives me much pleasure in presenting the Annual Report and Accounts of the University of Nairobi for the year
ended 30th June 2007.     ;;
During the year under review the University realized a surplus of KShs. 291,506,737 as compared to a surplus of
KShs. 42,131,284 for the year 2005/2006. The cumulative deficit for the University as at 30th June 2007 was KShs
712,918,000 compared to the deficit of KShs. 986,275,618 as at 30th June 2006. This is attributable to under funding
by the government.
As in the previous years, the University continued with its tight financial controls in the management of the available
resources. The university intensified income-generating activities especially through its subsidiary company, the
University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services Limited (UNES).
Donor agencies and other governments continued to support the University of Nairobi. During. the year under review,
a total of KShs. 594,274,975, compared to an amount of KShs. 501,029,422 for the year 2005/2006, was received
for research.
The University continued with its mission of teaching and research. The total student population in this period was
35,892, out of which 9,600 were postgraduate.
On behalf of the University of Nairobi, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the government and our donors for
financial support.

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