Preparing for NRF 2018 Call for Proposals
Date and time: 
Wed, 2017-09-27 09:36

Dear Students and Staff,  We expect the National Research Fund
( <>) to soon issue
calls for proposals for grant funding, based on the timing of their calls
last year.  The three calls were:  Competitive Research Grants for
Multidisciplinary Collaborative Research - These are for
Multidisciplinary and Multi-Institution Research teams that should be from
at least THREE institutions. Maximum Award amount last year was KES 20
million.  UON had 19 successful proposals awarded. Competitive Grants for
Infrastructural Support for Research and Training Institutions - Maximum
award last year was KES 100 million - UON had one proposal that has made
it to the final stages of review. Competitive Grants for Postgraduate
Research and Training - These were open to both Masters and PhD students
who are in the research phase of their programme. Maximum awards last year
were KES 2 million for PhD students and KES 500,000 for masters students.
- UON had 53 successful proposals awarded.  We expect the NRF calls to
come out next month (in October) with submission deadlines in November.
These calls require a lot of preparation to be successful.  I urge you to
go to the NRF website where the application forms and proposal formats
from last year are available.  These are unlikely to change much, and you
can therefore begin working on your proposals now.  This is especially
true for the Competitive Research Grants for Multidisciplinary
Collaborative Research grants that require teams from multiple
institutions.  The Office of Research and Extension will hold
sensitization sessions at the Colleges for Calls 1 and 3, and at the main
campus for Call 2, as soon as the official Request for Proposals are
released by the NRF.    Finally, each year the Office of the DVC RPE holds
training on grant proposal writing, with the first sessions kicking off
this  and next week, and three sessions in March/April 2018.  Starting
from last year, we gave each participant a copy of my book ‘Write
Winning Grant Proposals’.    To make the book more accessible as we
prepare for the NRF calls, I have updated it to Second Edition and
published it on <>, making it available as an
e-book.  The new edition has an added chapter and case study based on a
successful proposal submitted later year to NRF.  I have negotiated with
Amazon to have it available for free download until 30th September (they
allow maximum of 5 days).  To get the free e-book you can either use your
Kindle (if you have one), or you can download the Kindle application for
phones, tablets, laptops and desktops from the link below: <>
Once the
application is downloaded and installed, set up an account at
<> (it is free).  From within the
Kindle application, you then go to the Kindle Store, search for, e-book
‘Write Winning Grant Proposals’, and download it for free to
your device.  Please note that the book is available at not cost only
during the maximum promotion period allowed by Amazon of September 26th to
30th 2017.  I hope the helps you with your proposal writing as we prepare
for an even more successful round of NRF proposal submissions this year.

Expiry Date: 
Sat, 2017-12-30 09:36