VC Challenges Freshers To Dream Big
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Mon, 2018-09-17 09:26
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The Great Court-Main Campus


Varsity's Vice Chancellor has urged First Years Class of 2018/2019 to dream big and pursue their dreams because they are not children of a lesser God. He told them to stop procrastinating and spend their energy in the labs coming up with new innovations as opposed to wasting time in student riots and engaging in lawlessness.

Speaking during the culmination of the weeklong orientation program, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi who addressed roughly 4,000 First Years at the Great Court, reminded the students that they are the generation that will help the University improve its ranking from the current position five in Africa to position one in the continent. They are the generation that will produce great leaders, scientists, innovators, employers and entrepreneurs.

He advised students to start designing their own lives irrespective of their social backgrounds. ”You are the architect of your life”, he said. He reminded the students on the importance of maintaining high levels of discipline, being punctual and being very courageous.” Life is not easy, there will be challenges, so be very courageous, overcoming challenges is what makes life interesting”, he said.

Prof. Mbithi wished the students well in their academic endevours as they pursue their Bachelors degree programs. He urged them to be teachable, humble and be ready to learn valuable lessons. To emerge victorious in their academic pursuits, students were told to make maximum use of the library resources. The library is equipped with over 2 Million online books for student research activities.

In order to develop soft skills, students were urged to join various clubs and student groups. They were further told to support the University of Nairobi transformative agenda and contribute positively to the University’s brand image and competitiveness.  The Vice-Chancellor revealed that students who perform well in sports and extra curriculum activities will be given sports scholarships to help them in their academic endevours.

In his concluding remarks, the Vice-Chancellor urged students to follow their dreams, think big and not to settle for less. University of Nairobi Freshers were as well told to protect the environment in their endevours.

Prof. Julius Ogen’go, Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics, urged students to aspire to be successful. To aim at being the next generation of leaders, vice chancellors and scientists. To achieve that, they’ll need patience and resilience, “You have the capability to reach the top, you need to reach your full potential and be successful”, he said.

Deputy Vice-Chancellors and College Principals accompanied the Vice-Chancellor as he addressed First Years.  Also present were Directors and Heads of Departments from Central Administration. 

September 13, 2018

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