Taking the University of Nairobi’s Postharvest Loss Reduction Activities to the Global Arena
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Tue, 2018-10-09 09:26

The New York City (NYC) Summit on Food Waste and Food Loss was held on October 3rd, 2018 at the New York University, Tishman Auditorium.

The event brought together more than 30 speakers and panelists from around the world representing farmers, policymakers, academia, businesses, chefs, nonprofit groups, and more. Our very own Dr. Jane Ambuko, a senior lecturer at Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, University of Nairobi was among the speakers.

Dr. Ambuko featured on the panel titled ‘Solving On-Farm Food Loss’ alongside our partners Mr. Rafael Flor (Director of the Yieldwise Initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation) and Dr. Elizabeth Mitcham, Director Horticulture Innovation Lab, UC, Davis. Dr. Ambuko highlighted the activities of the UON Postharvest Project supported by the Rockefeller Foundation’s Yieldwise Initiative. The main project activity featured at the NYC summit is the Smallholder Aggregation and Processing centers established by the UON Postharvest Research Team. The purpose of these centers is to enhance market access for smallholder horticultural farmers. Farmers affiliated to the centers can now aggregate fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) under cold storage to attain volumes and consistency required by traders. In addition, they can process the unsold produce into shelf-stable products such as juices and dried/dehydrated products which can be sold later. The ultimate goal of the smallholder aggregation centers is to reduce postharvest losses while improving profitability and ultimately livelihoods for smallholder horticultural farmers.

The Summit had several panels on restaurant food loss, farm food loss, and food recovery and was moderated by journalists from CNN, The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times among others.

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