Fees Structure

These are government sponsored students admitted through Joint Admission Board. They pay directly for the following; however, students are advised to have Kshs 9,000 and Kshs18, 000 to cater for books and catering respectively per year.

Item Cost (Kshs.)
Tuition 16,000.00
Computer Laboratory 3,000.00
Caution money 2,000.00
Examination 3,000.00
Medical 2,000.00
Activity 1,000.00
Registration 500.00
Student I/D 500.00
Student Union 1,000.00

Other Charges

Accommodation     Kshs. 7,000.00 Per Year

The above fees are paid directly to the respective university college bank account depending on the degree programme that the student is admitted to. The respective bank accounts are as follows:

A/C No. 03/045/1039385

A/C No. 03/077/5053984.

A/C No. 03/077/5053941.

A/C No. 03/073/1100217.

A/C No. 03/077/5053917.

A/C No. 03/073/1100187.

 Self-Sponsored and Post Graduate Students Application fees

For students interested in applying for a course at the university, application forms are available upon depositing Kshs 3,000 or US$ 50 for Kenyan and others respectively. This is paid through CESSP application account No. 073-1023948 at BBK Westlands Branch and CESSP USD A/C No03-022-7021330 at BBK Barclays Plaza Branch, Loita Street.

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