University of Nairobi unveils Strategic Plan for 2019-2023

The University of Nairobi leadership led by the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi and the Chair of Council, Dr. Julia Ojiambo unveiled the five year strategic plan from 2019-2023. The management team addressed the strengths, opportunities that can be explored to help move the university forward.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi observed that going forward, the University will be engaging more in cutting edge research that have intellectual impact and is beneficial to the society.  On brand positioning and visibility, the VC noted that engagement with the public will be key to help the University in communicating its achievements. Regarding finances, Prof. Mbithi opined that financial resources will be properly allocated and deployed to help in teaching, research and innovation.

Chair of Council, Dr. Julia Ojiambo noted that splendind performance is a product of good planning. “We have noted with desire to see the university grow, expand and to achieve all the objectives as planned. We look forward to achieve a compelling vision for our university.  A good strategic plan is useful if the organization believes in it,’ she said.  She appealed to the University managers to guide the staff and inspire confidence among staff.

The University Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi observed that the University is guided by the vision of a world class university committed to a scholarly excellence.  “Our strategy is to set ourselves apart from the competition. We have struck the right cord in being different. Persistence makes impossible possible,” she said. The African governments promised to spend majorly on talent development, research and innovation and human capital development. Kenya’s Vision 2030 singled out education and training to unlock employment, economic growth and poverty eradication. “We hope to contribute to Vision 2030 at macro level,” she said.

The strategic plan is a product of long term engagements with University stakeholders; staff, students, alumni, partners and industry players. Various experts who worked on the Strategic Plan including all the Deputy Vice-Chancellors explained in detail the various pillars in the strategic plan that need to be strengthened to propel the University forward.  Students were promised that going forward, work study programs will be strengthened to help those from humble backgrounds. Various income generating units, IGUs will be initiated to help in generating finances. Those doing well will be equipped and those doing badly will be closed all together. Regarding staff, it was reported that rewards and sanctions mechanism will be put in place to help the staff members work at their optimal levels.

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