Committee of Fiscal Studies Launches Website

The Committee of Fiscal Studies have launched a website that will go a long way in promoting data sharing among students and scholars interested in tax. The website launch took place at the Kenya School of Law, Parklands Campus on August 21, 2019.

Speaking during the launch, Oxfam Kenya, Chief Executive Officer, Peter Kamalingi, observed that data has not been easy to get and hence as an organization, they decided to sponsor this initiative that aims at availing data on government institutions across the continent.

“We thought it important to help increase availability of data. Our data has always been oral and not documented. We must begin to democratize data. Let us change the narrative of the continent,” he said.

Prof. Attiya Waris, Chairperson, Committee of Fiscal Studies, observed that fiscal studies and their scholarly works will help in better understanding of budget issues. The outcome of the work will be used by policy makers in decision making.

According to several researchers who presented during the website launch, they opined that African scholars will have a website portal where their data can be mapped onto. Scholars’ data will be categorized based on gender, nationality and links to their publication works. African scholars will be showcased on a point and click interactive map on the newly launched website

The initiative will help in capacity building, where young researchers are paired with senior researchers so that they can learn from them and get mentorship. Students get mentorship by participation in workshops and conferences. Students will also gain immeasurably by participating in tax talks and discussions relating to tax and national budgets. The website will be a one stop shop for students and researchers in tax as data from 54 African countries will be collated therein.

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