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Admission Requirements:


Holders of at least a first degree or equivalent (related to Natural Resource Management) from a recognized Institution


UoN Sports Ground Next to Central Catering Unit.
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You are invited to a seminar on 15th May 2019 at 10.00am and 2.00pm in the SBS Boardroom followed with discussion on possible collaboration thereafter the presentation

Seminar Topics: 1. Temporal evolution of sea surface temperatures over the past centuries in pre and post- industrial climate: The use of biomakers for assessing phytoplankton changes with climate at 10.00 am 2. Assessment of vegetation changes using a biomarkers approach and Polyaromatic hydrocarbons contamination in sediments at 2.00pm

UoN Sports Ground Next to Central Catering Unit.
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Dear All,
This is to welcome you to the next IDS Research Seminar which IDS is co-hosting with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).
Date:   Thursday, 25th April 2019
Time :  2.00- 4.00pm
Venue :  University of Nairobi Tower, Room, 402
Speakers: Kwame Owino, CEO- IEA and John Mutua  -  IEA
Title : Public Debt in Kenya

University of Nairobi
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Dear University Community, the email below was prepared by Prof. Meoli Kashorda, the CEO of KENET (Kenya Education and Research Network).

I would like to bring to your initiatives and developments in the Earth Observation research area and Capacity Development for Space Science and Technology initiatives that might be on interest to your universities and research institutions or your students. 


  1. EUMETCast Terrestrial Service in March 2019 over Research & Education Networks 


Kenya hosts a number of national and regional institutions that are involved in Earth Observation research and data analysis that subscribe to the EUMETSAT (European Organization for Meteorological  Satellites ) services. The leading one is the Kenya Meteorological Department at Dagoretti that uses the EUMETSAT data for weather forecasting. Others are Regional Center for Mapping Resources for Development (RCMRD ) at Kasarani, Nairobi and IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center (ICPAC) at Kibiko, Ngong. They all use expensive VSATs to download data from the EUMETSAT Hub in Germany. 


The alternative is to use the a new Terrestrial service exclusively over Research & Education Networks to download larger datasets at higher speeds and at much lower costs compared to the VSATs. In March 2019, KENET setup the first EUMETCast Terrestrial Service in Africa for RCMRD. It will now be possible for RCMRD scientists to download larger data sets for better weather forecasting. The downloaded data shall available for further analysis by researchers in Agriculture or Meteorological departments in Kenya and any of the 20 regional countries. 


  1. The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa (GMES and Africa) Support Program 


The GMES and Africa program is a EU and AU $30 million funded program that is working through Africa consortia and aims to engage African Academia. The first GMES & Africa Consortia Information Exchange and Technical workshop shall be held at RCMRD , Ruaraka from April 23 – 26, 2019. Please let your faculty and/or researchers engage with the program through RCMRD in Kenya – it is an opportunity for EO research to support Agriculture or weather forecasting.  


  1. Kenya Space Agency Consultative Workshop on Capacity Development in Space Science and Technology – April 10, 2019


KENET was one of the invited participants at a consultative meeting on Capacity Development in Space Science and technology that was held at Radisson Blu on April 10, 2019. It was organized by Kenya Space Agency, a member of KENET. A number of universities that have engineering, GIS or space science programs or Data Science/Big Data initiatives were represented including UoN, KU, TUK, Moi and Machakos University and Strathmore University. RCMRD and Survey of Kenya were also represented. 


The area of Capacity Building shall be in:


  1. Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering departments that will participate there is student projects for building and launching rockets with the support of counterpart departments of the University of Rome and the Italian Space Agency that operates the Broglio Space Station in Malindi. 
  2. Earth Observation and remote Sensing – This is important for computer science, engineering and GIS departments engaged in different aspects of EO research including Big Data analysis.  This will involve upgrading the Remote Sensing infrastructure at the Broglio Space Station in Malindi. 
  3. Space Weather and Astronomy areas. Kenya is participating in the Global Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project that is led by South Africa and will be building array of telescopes at Longonot (what used to be an Earth Station). There will be a Space Weather workshop on May 13-17, 2019 at Pwani University


All of the presentations during the workshop are available on Google Drive at KSA Consultative Forum Presentations - 10Apr19


There is so much going on in Kenya.




Prof. Madara Ogot

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Production and Extension 

and Prof. of Mechanical Engineering


University of Nairobi
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Dear Faculty and Students,

Welcome back from Easter. Time to get back to the work of exploiting funding opportunities.
The following new funding opportunities have been added to the Grants and Opportunities Portal. Please contact our office if you need any assistance in preparation of your proposals. Also note that some of the opportunities have very tight deadlines.

Opportunities are available for:

1. Research and Innovation Grants
2. Research Infrastructure Grants

University of Nairobi
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