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Blogs added this week:

COVID-19: Can Herbal Medicine provide the much needed cure? https://uonresearch.org/blog/covid-19-can-herbal-medicine-provide-the-much-needed-cure/

The Forgotten policy: Corona and Gender Mainstreaming in Economic Policies https://uonresearch.org/blog/the-forgotten-policy-corona-and-gender-mainstreaming-in-economic-policies/ COVID-19 is a Complex Social Problem, Change the Approach https://uonresearch.org/blog/covid-19-is-a-complex-social-problem-change-the-approach/ Transportation in Kenya: The Weak Link in the Fight Against COVID-19 https://uonresearch.org/blog/transportation-in-kenya-the-weak-link-in-the-fight-against-covid-19/ Webinars added this Week These webinars run by the Committee on Fiscal Studies is part of the Office of the DVC RIE Webinar Series on COVID 19 Coping with Natural Disasters During the COVID-19 Pandemic. https://uonresearch.org/blog/coping-with-natural-disasters-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/ Health Diplomacy and the Fight Against COVID-19 https://uonresearch.org/blog/health-diplomacy-and-the-fight-against-covid-19/ RESEARCH WEEK 2020 Preparations are in full swing for the 3rd Annual Research Week 2020, featuring 13 conferences covering nearly all disciplines in the University. Visit, https://uonresearch.org/researchweek2020 for more details. Follow us on twitter @RPEUoN for regular updates. FUNDING In this issue we have provided a complete listing of opportunities that are still open. Please let us know if you need any assistance. Opportunities are available for: 1. Research and Innovation Grants 2. Research Infrastructure Grants 3. Awards and Prizes 4. Fellowships and Scholarships 5. Consultancies 6. Student and Staff Mobility 7. Sponsored Training 8. Travel Grants 1. Research and Innovation Grants Research/Innovation Grants - Disaster and Climate Change Preparedness in East Africa Round Location: United Kingdom Company: British Council View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/disaster-and-climate-change-preparedness-in-east-africa-round/ Research/Innovation Grants - RFP Big Cats Conservation Location: United States Company: National Geographic View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/rfp-big-cats-conservation/ Research/Innovation Grants - Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research 2021 Location: United Kingdom Company: The Britiish Academy View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/knowledge-frontiers-international-interdisciplinary-research-2021/ Research/Innovation Grants - COVID-19 Global South Artificial Intelligence and Data Innovation Program Location: Canada Company: IDRC View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/covid-19-global-south-artificial-intelligence-and-data-innovation-program/ Research/Innovation Grants - Catalyzing Change for Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems Location: Canada Company: IDRC View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/catalyzing-change-for-healthy-and-sustainable-food-systems/ Research/Innovation Grants - Global Effort on COVID-19 Location: United Kingdom Company: National Institute for Health Research View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/global-effort-on-covid-19/ Research/Innovation Grants - Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Grant Company: Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mohamed-bin-zayed-species-conservation-fund-grant/ Research/Innovation Grants - COVID-19 AFRICA RAPID GRANT FUND Location: South Africa Company: National Research Fund View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/covid-19-africa-rapid-grant-fund/ Research/Innovation Grants - Antimicrobial Stewardship in Africa and the Middle East Location: United States Company: International Society for Infectious Diseases View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/antimicrobial-stewardship-in-africa-and-the-middle-east/ Research/Innovation Grants - Moses Mapesa Research Grant on Natural and Cultural Heritage Location: South Africa Company: African World Heritage Fund View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/moses-mapesa-research-grant-on-natural-and-cultural-heritage/ Research/Innovation Grants - COVID-19 Student Action Fund Location: United States Company: Clinton Foundation View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/covid-19-student-action-fund/ Fellowships/Scholarships - Mobility for Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies Location: Kenya Company: Moi University View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mobility-for-innovative-renewable-energy-technologies/ Research/Innovation Grants - Call for Submission of ICT Innovations to Mitigate COVID-19 Pandemic Location: Kenya Company: Ministry of ICR, Innovation and Youth Affairs View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/call-for-submission-of-ict-innovations-to-mitigate-covid-19-pandemic/ Research/Innovation Grants - First call for proposals of the Global Research Alliance Graduate Research Grants Location: Uganda Company: RUFORUM View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/first-call-for-proposals-of-the-global-research-alliance-graduate-research-grants/ Research/Innovation Grants - Exploratory Research Grants Location: United Kingdom Company: Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/exploratory-research-grants/ Research/Innovation Grants -2020 Research Grants Location: United States Company: Merck View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/2020-research-grants/ Research/Innovation Grants - NORHED II 2021-2026: Projects on Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research Location: Norway Company: Norwegian Agency For Development Cooperation (NORAD) View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/norhed-ii-2021-2026-projects-on-capacity-development-in-higher-education-and-research/ Research/Innovation Grants - Collaborative Research on Cancer in Kenya Location: Kenya Company: National Research Fund View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/collaborative-research-on-cancer-in-kenya/ Research/Innovation Grants - Collaborative Interventions to Control Desert Locusts Invasion in Kenya Location: Kenya Company: National Research Fund View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/collaborative-interventions-to-control-desert-locusts-invasion-in-kenya/ Research/Innovation Grants - Patrice L. Engle Dissertation Grant Grant in Early Childhood Development Location: United States Company: Society for Research in Child Development View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/patrice-l-engle-dissertation-grant-grant-in-early-childhood-development/ Research/Innovation Grants - Large Research Grants on Education Location: United States Company: Spencer Foundation View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/large-research-grants-on-education/ Research/Innovation Grants - MIT Challenge: Health Security and Pandemics Location: United States Company: MIT View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mit-challenge-health-security-and-pandemics/ Research/Innovation Grants - NIH: Availability of Administrative Supplements and Revision Supplements on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Location: United States Company: Natinal Institutes of Health View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/nih-availability-of-administrative-supplements-and-revision-supplements-on-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/ Research/Innovation Grants - Context Matters Research Grants Location: Canada Company: CODE View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/context-matters-research-grants-2/ Research/Innovation Grants - The IFREE Small Grants Program Location: United States Company: International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/the-ifree-small-grants-program/ Research/Innovation Grants - AHRC Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Urgency Grants pilot Location: United Kingdom Company: UKRI Arts and Humanities Research Council View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/ahrc-global-challenges-research-fund-gcrf-urgency-grants-pilot/ Research/Innovation Grants - Small Conservation Grants (Sub-Saharan Africa) Location: Belgium Company: Jana Robeyst Trust Fund View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/small-conservation-grants-sub-saharan-africa/ Research/Innovation Grants - Small Research Grants on Education Location: United States Company: Spencer Foundation View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/small-research-grants-on-education/ Research/Innovation Grants - USAID Development Innovation Ventures Programme Location: United States Company: USAID View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/usaid-development-innovation-ventures-programme/ 2. Research Infrastructure None added in the past week, but review those available on the portal. 3. Awards and Prizes Awards/Prizes - The COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge Company: United Nations Development Programme View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/the-covid-19-detect-and-protect-challenge/ Awards/Prizes - MIT Challenge: Maternal and New Born Health Location: United States Company: MIT View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mit-challenge/ Awards/Prizes - MIT Challenge: Sustainable Food Systems Location: United States Company: MIT View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mit-challenge-sustainable-food-systems/ Awards/Prizes - MIT Challenge: Good Jobs & Inclusive Entrepreneurship Location: United States Company: MIT View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mit-challenge-good-jobs-inclusive-entrepreneurship/ Awards/Prizes - MIT Challenge: Learning for Girls and Women Location: United States Company: Massachusetts Institute of Technology View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mit-challenge-learning-for-girls-and-women/ Awards/Prizes - Africa Food Prize Location: Kenya Company: Africa Green Revolution Forum View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/africa-food-prize/ Awards/Prizes - MIT COVID-19 Global Challenge Location: United States Company: MIT View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/mit-covid-19-global-challenge/ 4. Fellowships and Scholarships Fellowships/Scholarships - Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Multidisciplinary researcher in the implementation of renewable energy in African food value chains Location: South Africa Company: Stellonbosch University View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/postdoctoral-research-fellowship-multidisciplinary-researcher-in-the-implementation-of-renewable-energy-in-african-food-value-chains/ Fellowships/Scholarships - AIMS NEI Fellowship Program for Women in Climate Change Science Location: Rwanda Company: African Institute for Mathematical Sciences View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/aims-nei-fellowship-program-for-women-in-climate-change-science/ Fellowships/Scholarships - PhD Scholarships available to support 3-4-year doctoral training in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Location: Kenya Company: Partnership for skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/phd-scholarships-available-to-support-3-4-year-doctoral-training-in-applied-sciences-engineering-and-technology/ Fellowships/Scholarships - TWAS-CSIR Postgraduate Fellowship Programme (Deadline Extended) Location: Italy Company: The World Academy of Sciences View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/twas-csir-postgraduate-fellowship-programme/ Fellowships/Scholarships - TWAS-SN Bose Postgraduate Fellowship Programme (Deadline Extended) Location: Italy Company: The World Academy of Sciences View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/twas-sn-bose-postgraduate-fellowship-programme/ Fellowships/Scholarships - Centre for the Study of African Economies Visiting Fellowships Location: United Kingdom Company: Oxford University View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/centre-for-the-study-of-african-economies-visiting-fellowships/ Fellowships/Scholarships - Schwarzman Scholarship Programme for Masters in Global Affairs Location: China Company: Tsinghua University View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/schwarzman-scholarship-programme-for-masters-in-global-affairs/ Fellowships/Scholarships - Carnegie Africa Diaspora Fellowship Program: Call for Institutions to Host a Scholar Location: United States Company: Institute of International Education View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/carnegie-africa-diaspora-fellowship-program-call-for-institutions-to-host-a-scholar/ Fellowships/Scholarships - 2020 Call for Applications: Intra-Africa Mobility Grants for Junior Researchers (supported by BMBF and AvH) View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/2020-call-for-applications-intra-africa-mobility-grants-for-junior-researchers-supported-by-bmbf-and-avh/ 5. Consultancies Consultancies - RFP for Provision of Consultancy Services for the Development of a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Strategy Location: Kenya Company: NEMA View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/rfp-for-provision-of-consultancy-services-for-the-development-of-a-corporate-social-responsibility-policy-and-strategy/ Consultancies - Consultancy on Women Human Rights Defending Organisations Location: Kenya Company: Protection International View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/4010/ Consultancies - Consultancy for Board Evaluation Service for KENGEN Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme Location: Kenya Company: KENGEN Retirements Benefits Scheme View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/consultancy-for-board-evaluation-service-for-kengen-staff-retirement-benefits-scheme/ Consultancies - Consultancy Service to Estimate National Parameters and Commodity Specific Conversion Factors Location: Kenya Company: National Treasury View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/consultancy-service-to-estimate-national-parameters-and-commodity-specific-conversion-factors/ 6. Global Development Awards None added in the past week, but review those available on the portal. 7. Student and Staff Mobility None added in the past week, but review those available on the portal. 8. Sponsored Training None added in the past week, but review those available on the portal. 9. Travel Grants Travel Grants - Travel Award for International Skills and Knowledge Exchange Location: United Kingdom Company: Biochemical Society View Details: https://academia-ke.org/grant/travel-award-for-international-skills-and-knowledge-exchange/ KENYA POLICY BRIEFS In the middle of 2019, the Office of DVC Research, Innovation and Enterprise mooted publishing the Kenya Policy Briefs as a strategic vehicle to bridge the gap between research output from academia and Kenyan policymakers. Although three months late, the electronic submission, review, and dissemination platform is now fully operational and online, and the first issue, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2020, has now been published. https://uonresearch.org/journal/ We initially planned to publish twice a year (January and June). To facilitate timely dissemination of research results, we have enhanced the publication schedule to three times a year (January, May and September). The May issue is already under preparation and shall be published in the coming weeks. We therefore invite you to submit manuscripts for the September issue through the online system. The January 2021 Issue (Volume 2, Issue 1) shall be dedicated to research-based policy briefs on the COVID-19 pandemic that has, in many ways, permanently changed how we work and go about our daily lives.

We welcome you on this journey and encourage you to share and tweet this information through your networks.

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