Dear University Community:


Now in its 9th year of annual training, the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Enterprise  shall offer three sessions in the  2020-2021 academic year. The hands-on participatory workshops, lasting three days each,  shall continue to strengthen the capacity of all participants to develop sound, fundable proposals to attract research funding.

The trainings are not restricted to University of Nairobi staff members and students, but are open to the General Public. UoN staff members and fully registered PhD students training fees, will be highly subsidised by the University.

The workshops will adopt a practice-oriented teamwork approach providing opportunities for the sharing of experiences between participants with different levels of experience in proposal development.

The main topics of the workshops will include:

  1. Overview of proposal development.
  2. Identifying potential sources of research/consultancy funds, as well as identifying agency priorities and guidelines.
  3. Understanding the overall structure of a proposal and its component parts:
    • Project Summary
    • Project Rationale
    • Goals, Objectives, Impact, Beneficiaries, and Success Criteria
    • Activities, Research Hypothesis(es), Work plans: Who will do what, when and how (including timelines) – Use of Logical Framework Analysis (Logframes)
    • Budgets
  4. Mechanisms for Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Understanding the terminology and steps of the logical framework analysis and putting together a log frame matrix
  6. Budget development
  7. Success factors in proposal development.
  8. Common mistakes made during proposal writing.
  9. Communication: Basics on proposal writing, including consistency in presentation, equations, presentations of tables and figures and references.
  10. Proposal-writing as a project

The training will be carried out virtually including plenary and breakout group sessions.  All participants will be sent the training materials.


Please visit for more information, dates, costs and deadlines.  Sessions fill up quickly (sorry already half full from those who signed up for the face-to-face sessions in March).Sign up now.