CRB is not to blacklist people but to come up with a credit score

During the 5th Africa Credit Information Sharing (CIS)conference in Nairobi, CIS Chairman, Charles Ringera who is also the Higher Education Loan Board CEO stated that the role of Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is not blacklisting people but rather coping up with a credit score for everyone and making it cheaper for loan repayment.

The more Loans you are taking and paying within time, the more score you get with CRB and that collectively should determine the price the Lenders are giving.

Reasons for getting CRB certificate!

  • What are the reasons for getting a CRB kenya certificate of clearance?

A COC is meant to give the borrower peace of mind. A COC is required to present to a lender after being adversely listed, to apply for employment etc.

  • How long is a COC valid?

A COC is valid as at the date of issue. This is because CRBs receive information on a daily basis which could alter the customer information.

  • How much does a CRB kenya COC (Clearance Certificate) Cost?

A COC cost ksh 2200 which is payable through mpesa or to the CRB bank account

  • Who qualifies to get a CRB COC(Clearance Certificate)?

All customers who currently do not have a non performing account qualify for a COC

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