Expelled students get reprieve

In an address to the University of Nairobi community, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama announced that he has asked the Senate to review cases of suspended students with a view of readmitting them.

“A committee, chaired by Prof. Horace Ochanda, has been set up to review the cases of the expelled students and consider reinstatement,” he announced.  “We must exercise the core value of care. We need to give these students a second chance to complete their studies and graduate.”

The Friday briefing held on June 26, 2020, also bore goodies for staff.

“I am pleased to announce that the government has sent funds to pay the enhanced clinical allowances for our doctors. This is being processed for payment,” said Prof. Kiama. “In addition, the Government will send funds to cater for the collective bargaining agreement signed sometime back. Once the funds are in our accounts, I commit to ensuring that it is paid out.”

Prof. Kiama commended various departments coming up with solutions mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic. He mentioned the Department of Chemistry for producing soap, the School of Pharmacy for the sanitizers and the School of Engineering for developing a technology that will help doctors monitor ventilators remotely. In addition, the Dental School and the University Health Services are the beneficiaries of personal protective equipment (PPE) donated by several donors.

The VC urged the UoN community to stay safe and observe the health guidelines issued by the government.

“COVID-19 is real,” he said.

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