The Section is Headed by Mr.Stanley Mwangi.

Stanley Mwangi





Other Staff Members are:

1.Mr.Renson Mwangola






2.Ms. Francisca W. Kibabu

Ms.Wanja Kibabu






This is a newly introduced section within the Finance Department.

The Section will be handling some of the tasks that were previously under Audit Department.

(i)         The examination of documents supporting a transaction or series of transactions before      these are paid for and recorded

(ii)        Operates to determine that the proposed expenditure is for a purpose in compliance with   the appropriation law, other specific statutory authority and regulations

(iii)       Assures that sufficient funds are available to enable payment of the claim

(iv)       Determining that the proposed expenditure is not illegal, irregular, extravagant, excessive, unconscionable or unnecessary

(v)        Determines that the transactions is approved by proper authority and duly supported by    authentic underlying evidence