1.       Financial Operations

  • Processing of tuition fee charges, invoicing and postings
  • Receipts of revenue and debt management
  • Payment and reconciliation of supplier accounts
  • Purchase order systems and outstanding liabilities
  • Payment of claims

2.      Payroll Processing

  • Payment of salaries and wages including statutory deductions
  • Preparation of returns to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), National Hospital Insurance     Fund (NHIF), National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and University of Nairobi Pensions Scheme Payroll ledgers reconciliation
  • Issuance of pay-slips and P9 advices as required

3.     Treasury Management

  • Processing all cash transactions, maintain bank accounts and cash balances
  • Investing funds on secure deposits at competitive rates of return
  • Cash Flow management and forecasting
  • Bank reconciliations

4.     Financial Reporting

  • Production of annual statutory accounts
  • Production of monthly and quarterly management accounts
  • Providing financial reports to donors and other fund providers
  • Attend promptly to audit queries and reports

5.    Financial Planning

  • Prepare business and strategic plans and quantify deliverables
  • Budgeting and cashflow forecasting.

6.    Management Accounting

  • Regular reports on financial performance including budget variances and forecast
  • Recommendation and advice to ensure budgets and plans are achieved

7.    Financial Compliance

  • Setting the regulatory financial framework for the University in accordance with IFRSs and statutory requirements
  • Ensuring compliance to the University of Nairobi Act and Financial Regulations
  • Satisfying the Auditors and external regulators (e.g. KRA, CHE, NHIF, RBA, PPOA)

8.     Risk Management

  • Adopting a solid risk based approach to finance to deliver long term sustainability.
  • Instituting controls over University resources.



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