Mr. Stephen K. Kimeli

The Ag. Chief Finance Officer 

The Finance Department is the central unit offering Financial services to the University. The department is charged with designing and implementing sound and effective systems for the management of University resources.

We have restructured our operations to increase efficiency in revenue collection by cleaning up the student debtors for effective record management. The integration of the student payment with the bank enables real-time receipting and posting to the student accounts(host to host).

The setup of the Income Generating Activities Section (IGA) will bring efficiency in operation of the IGA with aim of identifying those that are profit making and also supporting those aid in academic programmes. We have also set up an examination section to replace the internal audit to verify documents before processing payment to increase efficiency. The department continues to offer support to our researchers by automating financial services of ease of access.

Despite the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the department has continued to meet its mandate efficiently. The use of Information Technology in document tracking, revenue receipting, payment and banking are areas that have been automated for smooth operations. The department prides in complete elimination of cash operations and fully embracing online payment system. Major reforms are underway in the operation of both receipting, payment and reporting functions.

The University continues to address the challenges of reduced capitation through enhanced revenue collection and appeals to the government for more support to bridge the gap.

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