The Kenya Institutfor Public PolicResearch and Analysis (KIPPRA), in collaboration with the University  oNairobi (UoN), is organizing the KIPPRA Mentorship Prografor Universities (KMPUs). The event will take placon the 5tMarch 2020at the University oNairobi. Thprogratargettbrintogetheuniversitstudents, lecturers, government anprivate sector. The themothevent will bPublic Policy ProcesanthBig Four Agenda”.

This is a call for all students of the University oNairobi another inviteuniversities to submit Concept

Papers on the theme  of the   event to KIPPRA. The essays submitted should:

  • Includyoufulnameschool/department, registrationumberemaianmobilphonnumber;
  • Be no more than 50words; 
  • Focus on anof the four areas of the agendaFooSecuritanNutrition, Manufacturing (Jocreation), Affordable Universal Health CaranAffordable housing;

Address the following questions:

What is youunderstanding of the ‘Big Four’ Agenda? Whaproblems do you think it seeks to address? Whado you think it will take to solve the problems Kenyanare facinanhencachieve the agendaHow can innovation play a role in solving these problems? What innovative ideas cabused to fast track the attainment of set targets under the Big Four AgendaWhere do you see yourself playing a role?

Thdeadlinfosubmissiooconceppaperis 14tFebruar2020aftewhicthewilundergo a revieprocessSuccessfuapplicantshalbnotifieothacceptancotheiproposalaninformeotheiparticipatioithpanediscussiodurinthmaiKMPUeventSuccessfuessayshalbpublisheothKIPPRwebsiteCertificateoparticipatioshalalsbawardetparticipatinstudents.

All Submissions to be addressed to: DrNancNafula -

Rosemary Omwandho

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (RIE)

PO BOX 30197 00100

Office. +2540204913164

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