Dental School gets PPE Donations

The University of Nairobi Dental School together with the University Health Services were the beneficiaries of the much needed tools in the fight of the deadly Corona Virus Disease, COVID19, the Personal protective equipment (PPE).

The generous donations were courtesy of several donors, key among them being; Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama, Operating Theatre Practitioners Association of Kenya (OTPAK) among other staff members from the Department of Surgery and School of Pharmacy.

While giving out the donations, University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, challenged the Academic Staff from the College of Health Sciences to adapt to the changing times in dispensing nuggets of wisdom to their students.  He observed that COVID19 has tampered with normal learning programs and hence transitioning to the online learning mode is the only way out. “The environment has changed for us all, we must be ready to adapt. The whole country is looking to us for solutions. The University of Nairobi must provide the solutions. We can afford negativity. We must give hope to the people of Kenya,” he said.

The Vice Chancellor congratulated the College of Health Sciences for playing the Good Samaritan and helping Kenyans during these pandemic times. “You are the Good Samaritan who has treated the wounds of affected Kenyans. I salute you,” he said.

During the ceremony, various schools updated the Vice Chancellor on the efforts they have made during the tough times, the challenges they face and how they have been able to address the challenges. From Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI), to East African Kidney Institute, to UNITID, to the Schools of Public Health, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Surgery, the College has been very active administering online classes to students who are in far flung parts of the republic. For Masters and Doctorate students, supervision is ongoing, and admission is on a continuous basis.

Prof. James Machoki, the Principal, College of Health Sciences, revealed that the School of Pharmacy has produced hand sanitizers that will soon be selling at half the market price. The have also produced gels, sprays and they are working on producing essential medicines. “Together, we shall succeed. We would like to be the light in the darkness when things are not working,” he said emphatically with a broad smile that coloured his face. He also revealed that UNITID would soon be a national COVID19 testing center.

University of Nairobi Management thanked all CHS staff and post graduate students who have been part of essential service providers battling the dreaded Corona Virus Disease, COVID19 even as the whole world is grappling with the unsurmountable task of getting a vaccine.





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