The University of Nairobi Council launched its strategic Plan of governance 2019-2024.

“In a first of its kind for a Public University in line with the Universities Act 2012, the strategic plan will be the true north, the reference point for the University radar. ” remarked the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi.

While giving the highlights of the Strategic Plan, the Chair of Council, Prof. Julia Ojiambo noted that the Plan focuses on five main areas; teaching and learning, research enterprise and innovation, financial and institutional sustainability, overall institutional development and branding and Operation efficiency and effectiveness.

A review of the latest external assessment and a situation analysis of the University’s operating environment, as documented in the UoN Visitation Panel Report 2018, brings a number of challenges to the fore. The main aspects with notable challenges include leadership, corporate governance and administration, relations between UoN with other Government of Kenya agencies, education and research, teaching and learning environment, human resource management, budgeting and, revenue generation practices & procurement processes.



CS,PSYG Prof. Margaret Kobia, Chancellor Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, UoN VC, Prof. Stephen Kiama, 
Chair of Council, Prof. Julia Ojiambo with Council and the visitation panel on Jan 6, 2019 at the
Chandaria Auditorium during the launch of the Strategic Plan 2019-2024



This Strategic Plan is therefore intended to help address the university’s present and future challenges by adopting a futuristic strategy. By focusing on, the mobilization of all necessary resources, both financial and human, the Council aims at enhancing UoN’s institutional capability to guarantee long term operational sustainability,  innovation and transformation.

On her part, Prof. Margaret Kobia, CS Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs applauded the University of Nairobi for taking leadership in seeking an audit through the Chancellor, “The Chancellor requested for a visitation panel that I had the pleasure to Chair in 2018. That was the University’s way of seeking feedback for its systems of operations. As we are all aware, feedback is breakfast for Champions.  The visitation panel consisted of diverse individuals who brought different perspectives on the table. “

She noted that universities are facing challenges such as the ever changing technology; methods of teaching and labor market. However she urged the universities  to stay relevant to our society and provide solutions that are facing Kenya and the world by nurturing curiosity through research and innovation.

Prof. Kobia concluded by pledging the government’s support to the implementation of the strategic plan 2019-2024.

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