Student Finance


Student Finance is currently headed by MR. GEORGE OMAE OGARI,

The Section Functions include:

  • Transfer of students fees/loans to colleges and UNES
  • Payment of stipend, Book allowance and Research allowance to postgraduate students
  • Generation of Management reports

Services Rendered

Coordinate student finance activities with other College Bursars Office, including implementation of student finance Activities

Ensure graduating students complete their fees balance before graduating

Assist in the management and collection process for Fee Payments

Responsible for tracking the College financial aid status.

Prepare and conduct financial performance reviews in a timely manner.

Student Clearance

Works on special projects as assigned by the Finance Officer.

Attends additional meetings as assigned by Finance Officer.


Education Financiers


Physical Location        Gandhi Wing, Ground floor, Room G2

Telephone                     318262 Ext 28361/28104