41st UNCTAD Regional Course Underway at the University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi School of Economics is hosting the 41st UNCTAD Regional Course that will be ongoing for the next two weeks. The course has attracted top government officials, trade and industry experts and decision makers from over 30 African countries. The training course was officially opened by UNCTAD Secretary General Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi on March 25, 2019.

Speaking during the launch of the program, Dr. Kituyi, observed that most government officials in Geneva have been beneficiaries of the P166 Training program. Previously, the program has been successfully executed in Colombia, Mauritius, Cairo and will soon be launched in Mexico. Dr. Kituyi urged the government officials represented to embrace e-commerce. “Africa must allow free trade with the neighbours. Electronic commerce is growing four times more than the analogue trade. You need to encourage your governments to embrace e-commerce,” he said.

On USA-China trade relations, Dr. KItuyi opined that China has been producing many millionaires and billionaires than USA over the last 20 years and that China is now an inventor and creator of world goods. “USA – China relations will dictate how global trade is carried out. Trade is important. Build on local capacity. If you can’t create 1M jobs per year for the African youth, don’t talk about the demographic dividends”, he said.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, noted that the University of Nairobi has many collaborations with regional and international organizations like WTO and UNCTAD. He said that the outcome of the course will help the participants as they work on implementing the lessons learnt in their host countries. “Many University of Nairobi staff who had previously taken the course have found themselves in Geneva,” he said. With the help of UNCTAD, the University of Nairobi has set up WTO Virtual Institute which has benefited from over 500 book donations. The institute is a leading center in teaching and  research on the economic and trade issues across the region.

Genevieve Feraud, Head of the Knowledge Development Branch-DTL UNCTAD, noted that capacity building is key as it helps countries in debt management and reducing inequalities in the world. “Develop your skills. Let the knowledge help you and your country,” she said.

The 41st UNCTAD Regional Course will be key in capacity building. UCTAD supports developing countries to benefit from global trade, these being; trade, investment, finance, technology, innovation which are vehicles for development.

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