Nairobi to benefit from Rapid Transport System

Nairobi City could soon find a solution for city traffic congestion once the Bus Rapid Transit System, BRT is embraced. Heather Thompson revealed during a public lecture at the University of Nairobi on March 27, 2019.

 With successful launch in several countries among them China, USA, Mexico and Tanzania,  Heather Thompson, CEO, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, urged Kenyans to embrace the mass transportation system that will help in decongesting the roads, encourage more people to cycle to work and to walk. The system has proposed restructuring of the main highways to include distinct walking paths, cycling paths and main highway for vehicles. This will be a major milestone that will enhance safety of cyclists and pedestrians if the number of accidents involving motorcycles, pedestrians is anything to go by. 

With over 30 years’ experience in the transport industry,  Institute for Transportation and Development Policy is working with the authorities to help develop smart cities that are resilient, sustainable and able to deal with climate change issues. Heather opined that we need a transport system that is able to accommodate everybody and is affordable to everyone. “The transport system should be affordable to women, children, elderly and people living with disabilities. Our cities are growing rapidly and by the year 2050, the population in urban centers will double. We need to plan sustainable cities that will deal with traffic congestion as the population doubles”, she said.

She outlined the principles of transit oriented development. These include; walking, cycling, public transit and a mixture of the three.

On job creation and youth employment, Heaper Thomson outlined that the BRT system will create thousands of jobs for the young people who will work on the system during the initial establishment and subsequently on maintenance. She opined that infrastructural development will be done along the BRT   system.  

Heather Thomson was accompanied by Prof. Peter Ngau, Principal College of Architecture and Engineering who noted that BRT system is a work in progress. He invited University of Nairobi staff and students to be part of the change. He stated further that student class work designs would be incorporated into the upcoming BRT system to help improve the Nairobi City.

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