Students interact with industry at the AIESEC Week

University of Nairobi AIESEC students are marking the 2019 AIESEC Week where they are engaging various industry players on issues ranging from solving societal challenges to offering solutions to SDG goals. The event runs from April 24-26, 2019 at the University of Nairobi Towers.

The session held on April 24, 2019 involved students interacting with industry players on internships, jobs and entrepreneurship where business people openly shared their success journey; their success stories and failures.

Speaker after speaker challenged students to embrace internships positions however little they may seem to be. Some positions are given out to students to test their attitude. “In today’s world, you need skills, knowledge and a good attitude and you shall be successful in your career,” said Simon Mbugua, the Principal Consultant at TM Consultancy.

Mr. Mbugua further shared his entrepreneurial journey and the ingredients needed to scale the heights key among them include a firm social support from family and friends should your business venture fail to take shape against all odds and good business plans. “Have a supportive family and circle of friends who will be ready to give you a place to sleep in should you be locked out of your home and a food to eat should things be terrible for you.”

Former Kikuyu Member of Parliament, Lewis Nguyai, explained the challenges facing men and women in business. He reiterated the need for the government to give tax incentives to employers to enable them absorb more interns and graduates upon completion of their studies.

“Business is tough. We started a company that gives medical insurance and for two years, we had no business,” he said. He advised students who want to venture into entrepreneurship to prepare psychologically for a marathon journey faced with many challenges but can be very rewarding.

Students were challenged to come up with innovative solutions that will enable them to create a living for themselves instead of waiting for the government support.

Mr. John Orindi, Director, Corporate Affairs, UoN, pointed out the various initiatives carried out by the University to help students incubate their business startups. Such avenues include C4D Lab, Fab Lab, among others. Students were also cautioned on copyrights and protecting their ideas and patents.  Through the creation of the Office of Career Services, the University has created a platform where students can have access to thousands of internships and jobs via industry linkages. Students were further advised to take opportunity of the Government’s Ajira Digital Program that promises millions of jobs to the Youth.

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