Youths Urged to Create Employment on Digital Platforms
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Wed, 2018-09-26 10:59
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University of Nairobi

“Know yourself, know why you are doing what you are doing,” The youth were urged by Anto Neo Soul, Branding Guru, during the digital transformers talk.

In the Friday afternoon event themed Digital Disruption of the Job Market, several speakers urged the youth to be innovative on the digital platform.

Emmanuel Mutuma, CEO, Brighter Monday Kenya ltd, told the students to map out their digital profile online, to create a profile where potential clients will find them, have a strong social media presence and network.

He challenged them to keep up with the trend, and to upscale themselves, “Take advantage of free online courses, read blogs and watch what other people are doing,” He said.

Anto Neo Soul told the students to start selling experience vis-à-vis the product, to Know their audience, and the best language to use to reach their target clients. While he challenged them to maintain strong relationships out of Social media, he said, “Journeys are never going to be the same, you have your story and I have mine. “

Angela Githuthu, Senior Manager Youth Segment Safaricom PLC, while addressing the students asked them to be innovative and be extra ordinary. She quoted, “This is the right time for people with the right skills to exist.”

On behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Director Corporate Affairs, Mr. John Orindi thanked the speakers for taking their time out to come and speak to the University students. He said, “We strive to partner with the private sector so that our students can not only be successful through education but also through creativity and talent. “

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