IATA Accredited

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Tue, 2014-08-12 16:25

The University of Nairobi Business Center - Travel Agency has been accredited by International Air Transport Association (IATA).


IATA is a seal of approval, recognized worldwide as the global trade association for the airline industry. With more than 240 member airlines carrying 84% of total air traffic, this accreditation serves a wealth of benefits for the travel agency in providing visibility and credibility ,unique global identification, standardized procedures, fair dealings with the airlines, access to IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan ( BSP) and a single Sales Agency Agreement which authorizes the sale of international and/or domestic tickets.

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Sat, 2014-09-06 16:25


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Tue, 2014-08-12 12:09

ICPAK organized a three day event dubbed The Inaugural  C-Suite Seminar in realization that today’s Organizations today are under more pressure than ever before to innovate to actively strive for new ideas, continuous improvement, or where necessary, market disruption and to achieve these goals with both speed and purpose. Whether driven by competition or by the need for sustainability, many organizations across the world have come up with creative approaches to initiating, nurturing and implementing innovation. Attending the three day seminar were the Chief Finance Officer Mr. Michael Karue, The Chief Internal Auditor Mr. Peter Igiria, Mr. Juma Wanga Senior Accountant Expenditure.

The Seminar discussed various topical issues around:

  • The Customer Driven Enterprise
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Managing Risk without Stifling Innovation
  • Making People Your Competitive Advantage
  • Effective Top Management Teams and
  • The Art of Public Speaking 

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Fri, 2014-07-25 11:20


The Managerial Accounting Conference is an annual event that brings together management accountants, project accountants, financial consultants and other finance professionals to share ideas, network and discuss the latest techniques for improving efficiency and increasing productivity both in financial management and operations. This took place from the 23rd to the 25th of July 2014.

The conference converged professional in the field who addressed Accounting and Managerial issues on

  • Results – Based Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management
  • Taxation & Transfer Pricing in Cost Management
  • Linkages Between Competitive Strategy and Management Accounting
  • Integration and Disintegration of Management Accounting
  • Supply Chain as a function of Cost Management
  • Integrity/Ethical issues in Management Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting Trends and Innovations
  • Retirement Planning

ICPAK Members in attendance at the conference from the University of Nairobi Finance were the Deputy Finance Officer Revenue Mr. Patrick Agutu and Ms. Damaris Kavoi Senior Accountant Budgetary Section. View Photo Gallery

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Fri, 2014-10-31 11:20

UoN launches automated seamless cash management system

Date and time: 
Thu, 2014-06-19 14:26

The Finance Department,a key driver in the implimentation of these innovations takes pride in the launch and implementation of an automated seamless cash management system between the University of Nairobi and Barclays Bank of Kenya.

While launching the programme at the University of Nairobi, BBK Managing Director, Mr. Jeremy Awori said that this was the first collaboration of its kind in the market and that the development creates a win-win situation for both institutions in that the students will have access to first-class service from The Finance Department and the bank is able to showcase the impact of technology and banking convergence to the business.

This Technology enhances transparency, security and high standards of accountability through readily available information that is also credible for audit purposes. Already Mobile Payment via M-Pesa is ongoing.

At this imperative occasion, The Finance team was represented by the Finance officer Mr. Michael Karue, Deputy Finance Officer – Revenue Mr. Patrick Agutu, Deputy Finance Officer - General Mr. Peter Busienei

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Sun, 2014-08-31 13:26

UoN and Barclays launch new product

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Fri, 2014-06-20 09:09

The University of Nairobi (UoN) and Barclays Bank of Kenya (BBK) yesterday, launched Host-To-Host, an automated seamless cash management system which will serve students and other stakeholders by hastening payment processes in the University.

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Sat, 2014-07-19 09:09

UoN honours best performing Colleges and Units - Finance at 2nd Position.

Date and time: 
Mon, 2014-05-19 13:27

The Chief Finance Officer Mr. Karue recieves a trophy on behalf of the department from the Chairman of Council, Dr. Idle O. Farah. The Finance Department for two years in a row, bagged two trophies for attaining the 2nd position among the Central Administration Departments this was trailing slightly behind the ICT Deparment. View Awards photo Gallery.

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Sun, 2014-08-31 13:27

Finance Tree Planting 2014

Date and time: 
Mon, 2013-12-30 13:15

The Finance Officer and the Deputy Finance Officer General led the Finance department in annual tree planting exercise, an inititaive for environmental conservation. 

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Thu, 2014-04-17 09:03

The Finance department's heads, attended a one day seminar at the Central Catering Units. The one day seminar, put together the think tanks to revise the Financial Regulations as guided by the Universities Act of 2012. In attendance was the Chief Finace Officer Mr. Michael Karue,the Chief Internal Auditor Mr. Peter Igiria,Mr. J.M. K. Mokaya, Procurement Manager, the Deputy Finance Officer Revenue, Mr. Patrick Agutu, the Deputy Finance Officer General, Mr.

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Wed, 2014-03-26 12:37

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Varsity staff challenged on constitutionalism

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Mon, 2013-09-09 15:54

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Mon, 2013-09-23 15:54
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