FIMS Section


FIMS is headed by a Deputy Director (FIMS) Mr.Gichuru David Chege.

The Section Functions include:

  • Provision of user support to FIMS Users.
  • Enhancement of Financial reporting and Query capabilities.
  • Provision of Financial data integration from all units to enhance consolidated reporting.
  • Ensuring continuous service provision and availability of data access to FIMS users .

ICT Technical Support:

  • General Ledger: provide full financial and managerial control of your organization's operations:
  • Accounts Payables: provision of all the vital business information about University of Nairobi suppliers' accounts
  • Accounts Receivables: provide effective and secure solution for invoice entry, payment follow-up, registration of payments and analyzing income information:
  • Asset Accounting: Comprehensive financial andmanagerial control of Assets:
  • Journal posting: accounting transaction used to make a transfer, adjustment or an accrual accounting entry.

  • Report types and uses: to provide queried capabilities and a comprehensive online inquiry facility of all transactions

  • Technical Users Support: generally provide help assistance, training, accessibility, operation platforms and consultancy services to Finance staff