Finance Clearance SectionProcesses

Finance Clearance Section is headed by Mr. Ben G.K. Nyangweso.

The Section Functions include:

  • Processing of all statutory payroll deduction and remittances to their  respective destination.
  • Processing of other payroll deductions to their respective recipients.
  • Generating Management Reports.

Processes include:

  • Filing of University of Nairobi Tax returns at the end of calendar year.
  • Reconciliations of tax deductions.
  • Management and administration of Agency and Commission fees.
  • reconciliations and General Ledger postings
  • Processing
  • Statutory payroll deductions and remittance to the respective recipients such as PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, UON Pension
  • of other payrolls deductions  for Insurance premiums, Helb Loans, University Staff unions and Cotu