Hide, Run or Fight. Measures When Terrorists Strike!
Date and time: 
Mon, 2019-04-29 (All day)
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University of Nairobi


In the event of a terrorist attack, Kenyans are required to do three things: hide , run away or fight the attackers. That was the message from Major Noah Bett, from National Counter Terrorism Center during the Senate Sensitization on Counter Terrorism at the Central Catering Unit, on April, 25, 2019.

With a motto: “Tuwe tayari kuilinda”, National Counter Terrorism Center, is a multi-agency instrument for the coordination of counter terrorism efforts. Its primary focus is  on rallying public support and engagement; deploying effective counter radicalization efforts; providing training and expertise; building a strong preventive pillar for Kenya’s counter terrorism strategy; and being a national focal point for bilateral and multilateral collaboration in counter terrorism.

Major Bett outlined the major threats to national security like ; espionage, subversion and sabotage. He listed major threats to counter terrorism like unemployment, famine and drought, refugees, cybercrime, land disputes, drug trafficking among others.

He challenged Kenyans to be resilient in the midst of several attacks as the terrorists have a goal of creating fear, obtaining money, influencing government policy, destroying lives and property. Terrorists have in the recent past been targeting Kenya because of Western interests in Kenya, KDF Deployment in Somalia among other reasons.

Radicalization of young people into terror groups have been rampant in prison, places of worship and over the phone. Parents have been urged to take keen interest on their children activities, especially over the internet.

 Kenyans were told to be very alert of suspicious items and luggages that have been abandoned in open places and busy places like restaurants, shopping malls among others. “Once you notice abandoned luggage, confirm, clear from the area, communicate and alert everyone present and the authorities concerned.

In case of gun attacks like the one that happened in Garissa University College and recently at the Dusit D2 Hotel, Kenyans were told to run from the attackers. Secondly, you can hide from the attackers. When cornered, fight the attackers using all things at your disposal be it chairs, computers, shoes. “One round of ammunition have 30 bullets. Imagine if 20 of you gang up to face one attacker, he may kill 5 people and 25 will be saved.  These attackers are human beings, they also fear dying and will feel pain when hit by a chair. Ladies, your shoes come in handy. It is a weapon. It is unfortunate that the attackers managed to shoot and kill 147 students in Garissa University College. That high number of casualties would have been avoided had the students fought the attackers, “he said.

The University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, outlined the University Safety and Security policy which states that responsibility rests with staff and students who should report any activity of criminal nature to the security authorities. Prof. Mbithi was represented by Prof. Julius Ogeng’o, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs. He urged University staff and students to cooperate with security officers to enhance safety.

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Tue, 2019-12-31 (All day)