Beyond Nationalism: The Rise of New Patriotism

In a passionate and timely lecture dubbed, “Beyond Nationalism: The Rise of New Patriotism” Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary General, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development revealed a new definition of patriotism for young Kenyans and Africans.

“New patriotism is one where a Kenyan endeavors to exponentially grow their knowledge, value and skills to continuously impact the society nationally and internationally; do not be obsessed by quick wins. Low hanging fruits should never be an obsession for a country that’s thinking long-term. He applauded Kenyans for having the best human resource pool and encouraged them to use it to their advantage especially in the global market.”

 Dr. Mukhisa kituyi started his lecture by breaking down the concept of Nationalism and the current state in Kenya. He challenged young Kenyans and Africans at large to redefine the concept of patriotism. “There is an inter-generational conversation that the Africa intellectuals need to have on this concept.”

 “Technology and the dynamics of global economy have rendered national boundaries irrelevant. Apple’s iphone is a global product because its parts come from different parts of the world, and it’s assembled in another part of the world. Dr. Mukhisa has challenged Africa to trade with itself. “Those that don’t trade with their neighbours will end up trading them.” Its high time African intellectuals start talking about post-production losses, Manufacturing within the continent and the like.

On the youth, Dr. Mukhisa urged them to keep reinventing themselves to fit the dynamic environment that we are living in. He said, “Even before you finish that degree, the market needs have changed and they keep changing. Take every chance you have to learn a skill, to stay relevant to the market.” He urged the youth to come up with a strategy instead of being consumed with their anger to face the challenges of unemployment.  

To the leaders of the Nation, Dr. Mukhisa urged them to create new opportunities for Kenyans where the future of the market is. “We need to invest in capacity building, to unite with our neighbouring countries; to face the reality of unemployment and disillusionment among the youth and invent sustainable solutions.”

Finally, Dr. Mukhisa concluded by saying that fighting corruption is a patriotic duty. He urged Kenyans to form one tribe that hates corruption.

When delivering his welcoming remarks, The UoN Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi said that “Kenyans are industrious, kind, highly social, generous and compassionate. Even though we look like one family, we are very diverse thanks to the more than 42 ethnic groups that we have.” He continued by saying, “Patriotism gives birth to equality. When people love and know much about the country they were born and grew up in, they would certainly prefer living there and helping it. This helps in keeping a balance between the world's resources and populations.” He was represented by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Julius ogeng’o.

The session was moderated by Mr. Tony Temase, K24 Business editor and presenter.

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Fri, 2019-09-27 (All day)